quinta-feira, junho 30, 2011

Enigmatic, unfinished, ambitious.

Although much of his assigned work was in color, he was never without a camera loaded with black and white film and a small box of extra rolls, which he used to capture what intrigued and fascinated him always: life in progress, people in their environments, enigmatic, unfinished, ambitious. His devotion to photography was lifelong and intense; he saw pictures everywhere. Taking these personal pictures kept his own course steady even as he worked, with equal devotion, on widely varying assignments which often bred new passions and fascinations, as evidenced in his involvement with the intricate beauties of technology. Some of these pictures here come from such assignments. He was there, too.

 “Where I was”, Ruth Hartmann a falar de Erich Hartmann.

Podemos ficar horas a falar sobre os deslumbrados.

10 Mile Stereo

Originalmente de "Teen Dream" (Sub Pop, 2010). Beach House.

Tear a moment from the days that carry us on forever
It can't be gone, we're still right here
It took so long, can't say we felt it all
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell
Love's like a pantheon, it carries on forever