quinta-feira, julho 30, 2009

quarta-feira, julho 29, 2009

Lucid Dreams

Franz Ferdinand, Tonight (Domino, 2009).

There is no nation of you
There is no nation of me
Our only nation lives in Lucid Dreams

quarta-feira, julho 22, 2009

Lenders in the Temple

Conor Oberst, Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band (Merge, 2008). E sim, este é o senhor dos Bright Eyes.

That circus tiger's gonna break your heart
Something so wild turned into paper

segunda-feira, julho 20, 2009


Fine Fascination, Red Light Company (Lavolta, 2009).

Ainda não sei o que achar destes gajos, mas esta hoje fez-me sorrir.

Listen to the things we need (we fall out, we call out)
I'm hoping it's a passing pain (we've got to, work harder)
Makes me see the colour red (we can go, Meccano)
Listen to the things we said

sábado, julho 18, 2009

quinta-feira, julho 09, 2009