sexta-feira, dezembro 24, 2010

Em fragmentos

Oh damn I wish that I were
dead - absolutely non existent
gone away from here - from
Everywhere but how would I
There is always bridges - the Brooklyn bridge
But I love that bridge (everything is beautiful from there
and the air is so clean) walking it seems
peaceful even with all those
cars going crazy underneath. So
It would have to be some other bridge
an ugly one and with no view - except
I like in particular all bridges - there’s some
- thing about them and besides I’ve
never seen an ugly bridge.

Marilyn Monroe

Ela também era uma mulher bonita que combinava com a poesia.

3 comentários:

R.Noga disse...

as coisas que ela diz

Jorge P. disse...

Confesso com alguma vergonha que nunca esperei esta luz de uma super boa como ela...

Inês Matos disse...

Coisas inteligentes só de homens barbudos...