domingo, janeiro 03, 2010


The original 1984 Mac didn’t abstract away the computer — it made the computer itself elegant, simple, and understandable. Very, very little was hidden from the typical user. Mac OS X is vastly more complex technically and conceptually, as it must be due to the vastly increased complexity and capability of today’s hardware. But Mac OS X has always tried to have it both ways: a veneer of simplicity that doesn’t cover the entire surface of the system. The user-exposed file system is a prime example. On the 1984 Mac, the entire file system was exposed, but the entire file system fit on a 400 KB floppy disk. On Mac OS X, the /System/Library/ folder, one of many exposed fiddly sections of the file system browsable in the Finder, contains over 90,000 items, not one of which a typical user should ever need to see or touch.

Espero viver para ver o dia em que as expressões "ficheiro" ou "memória" deixarão de fazer sentido enquanto metáfora computacional corrente e tudo passe para a nuvem: uma experiência computacional em que as únicas ferramentas são um user name e uma password. Isso sim, não seria como 1984.

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